Care and Development


Sudbury House Care And Development Centre

Introduction to Education & Care

We understand that leaving your child for the first time can be very difficult for parents.

Our mature, experienced, and fully qualified staff pride themselves on providing an individual and supporting care plan for every family that attend the Care and Development Centre.

We believe that the first five years of a child’s life are important in their development.

We provide opportunities for them to learn and develop within a nurturing, safe environment.

We invite families to contribute to the programs that are run at the Centre.
Parent involvement is important to the running of the service and to ensure that Sudbury House is meeting the communities needs.

Please speak to our Educator and Administrator- Lynda on 9344 1118
for information on enrolling your child.

Sudbury House Care & Development Centre

Sudbury House Care & Development Centre is a place where children, families and staff come together in an environment that seeks to be a home away from home. Our aim is to work in partnership with families. Open communication is encouraged between families and staff so that they are actively involved in areas of curriculum, planning, policies and decision making of the Centre.

At Sudbury House Care & Development Centre we believe that the parents are the most important influence in a child’s life and the child’s Primary Educators will acknowledge and support them in their role. Staff at Sudbury House Care & Development Centre understand that beginning or changing education & care services is challenging for both families and children. Through focusing on your child’s need for security and attachment, our aim is for the Centres environment to build confidence trust and relationship between the centre and families.

Attachment Theory provides a platform for the Centre’s “Early Childhood Care and Education” curriculum, with a focus on the Early Childhood Educator as the Primary Care Giver for their group of children. With an attachment perspective, the primary care giver becomes the trusted figure who is emotionally available, responsive, and sensitive to the child’s needs and provides care-giving practices that respond to the child’s unique communication patterns. Rather than ‘babysitting’ this primary care giving approach enables staff to work from a Framework of integrated care, attachment and learning.

The Centre has an environment that is safe, stimulating, caring and welcoming. This environment enables children to successfully learn and it incorporates and considers the diversity of cultures of the children attending. The Centre understands the importance of the early childhood years and believes play is the primary way to scaffold learning for young children.

Sudbury House Care and Development Centre offers a unique child-centred approach to curriculum and assessment, which is underpinned by a Social Constructivist Theory, designed to scaffold and celebrate the unique learning style of each child. All staff follow children’s cues and the environment is planned based on the interests of the children in attendance. The children are enabled to make decisions about what they would like to do when they attend the Centre and this is reflected in the curriculum documentation.

Our aim is to work together with parents and families by providing a service that takes a holistic approach towards your child’s development. All areas of child development and the ethnicity and culture of those children attending the Centre are incorporated into the development of a creative and dynamic curriculum for learning.

Parents are updated regularly on their child’s learning and development through individual portfolios that contain curriculum assessment documentation, photos of the child and critical reflections from the educators.

Nutritious meals are provided to meet the specific dietary needs of young children. Menus are created which are balanced and reflect the cultures of the children attending. Safety and health issues are constantly reviewed and a shared approach is taken to ensure a high standard is maintained.