Early Learning Series Five

Sudbury Early Learning

This is Series Five of Pictorial Stories

about Early Childhood Education & Care @ Sudbury.   


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This morning after morning tea  there were leftovers in the children’s bowls
and on the plate so I asked the children what can we do with them.


Amelia said lets put them in the scrap bowls. So I said what do we do with the scraps.
Ella said we can feed the chickens.


I said that is such a good idea,
because the chickens need food as well.


E.Y.L.F Outcome: 2.4. Children begin to understand the
relationships between humans and other living beings.


Amelia is back today from her holidays and she had an idea
about standing up and singing and doing actions.


The others in the group were happy to do the same.
We sang “Head and Shoulders ,knees and toes”, we also sang “The Hokey pokey”.


Outcome: 3.2. Children take increasing responsibility for their own health
and physical wellbeing through dance and music.


Catherine, Ella and Dania chose to do the obstacle course.
Ella was confident to climb and walk across the balancing beam.


Outcome: 3.2 children engage in complex sensory skills.


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