Early Learning Series Three

Sudbury Early Learning

This is Series Three of Pictorial Stories

about Early Childhood Education & Care @ Sudbury.   


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Our little discoverers decided that these photo frames would be
the perfect instruments to turn themselves into robots.


They carefully slid out the Perspex protector and replaced it with their beautiful little faces.
As you can see in these photos they gave me their very best impersonation of a robot face.


They came up with their own catchy little song called  “ Robot Robot” which
they sang to me while marching on the spot.


Then it was time to branch out and do the robot dance which was very entertaining.


After some time the children progressed to the block table and
I suggested that perhaps they could make a robot out of the bricks,
with great gusto they all helped each other and came up with a wonderful block robot.


E.Y.L.F Outcome 4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as
curiosity, confidence, creativity, enthusiasm and imagination.


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