Early Learning Series Two

Sudbury Early Learning

This is Series Two of Pictorial Stories

about Early Childhood Education & Care @ Sudbury.   

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Looking after the environment is a daily routine for the children at Sudbury House Care and Development Centre.


Our team of Educators teach the children the little everyday things that help us look after our planet. When we leave the room we always turn out the lights , we encourage the children to use one piece of paper to dry their hands.


We collect our scraps after morning tea and  lunch and feed some to the chickens
and worms and then we compost the rest.
We have four chickens that we have hatched at the centre,
which the children love to care for and collect their eggs.


At the moment we are waiting patiently for our seeds to shoot and to restock our veggie garden.
During the afternoon the children will collect up the water bottles of the children
that have left the centre for the day and pour the water into their watering cans to water the garden,
so that our water is not wasted. Its all about teaching sustainability in our everyday life


E.Y.L.F. Outcome 2.4 Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment


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