Erin Parent


Erin Parent

The Personal Experience…

Sudbury House Care and Development Centre


We moved to Australia four and half years ago from that point my son was six months and we were looking for a local day care and living close by. We came in and did a visit and got a really good vibe from the place so we started bringing him here and we have not left.

The staff here were very good with him. He was a higher needs child of other children typical of his age but he loved every minute of it. He has only just left this year to go onto to a special education kindergarten class. But in the time since then my daughter started Sudbury and she would not have it any other way. Neither would I because it’s a very different experience here than the big chain day care centres. Its just, its more family orientated.

I try to point the guys in the direction where they can access more funding from the programs for referring other families and just even getting my hands dirty on busy bee days when you had to shift buildings. I do what I can.