Howto support Childs Communication Skills

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Howto Support Childs Communication Skills

A 3 year old chats with his mother on the way home from preschool. He tells her he liked the songs and snack, but didn’t like how the sand felt on his hands. His mother listens, and asks him questions. This child is learning that what he has to say is important to the people who love him, and that he is a good communicator.
When your baby puts his arms out to you, pick him up, kiss him and use simple words. “You want up.”
When you talk to children, give time for them to respond. Make eye contact on their level. This lets them know your desire to hear what they have to say.
Luis, do you see how Andi is holding her hands up to cover her face? She doesn’t like it when you throw the ball so hard. This teaches children about non-verbal communication.
“I know you’re angry but you can’t throw the blocks.” This lets your child know you respect and recognise their feelings.