Wahida Parent


Wahida Parent

The Personal Experience…

Sudbury House Care and Development Centre


I have been coming in to Sudbury bringing my children first born since 1999. So I have been here quite some time. I have been bringing all five children, So one at a time. Willing selected Sudbury from all the other day cares we have been an had a look at, because I guess it just gives me a feeling of safety and security and have built a good relationship with the staff here. I have learnt to know them and developed a great deal of friendship with them. They have met our needs in terms of halal food, which was a major factor for us and them as well. It is such a multicultural staff, there is a sense of belonging for the kids as well as the parents.

My youngest is four now and my oldest is nineteen, so it has been quite a journey. Firstly sine I brought my first child in 1999, since then I have also referred a lot of families, then or elven nieces and nephews and then I started working at Edmund Rice Centre and from there also I have contributed by referring lots of families for their children’s care as well as well as other things that the centre does. So I have just referred them sometimes I have come in with them and I have attended the meetings that they have here.